A long time ago…


Recently I’ve completed my certificate in hand embroidery with the Royal School of Needlework (R.S.N.) here in England, and have embarked upon their diploma programme – more about that in posts to come, but I learned some basic stitches in my younger years which I employed in various pieces. I don’t have many remnants of these pieces, but I did rescue this one (above) which I produced when I was about fourteen. This needlework is entitled “The Burgundian Dance” and is done in very simple tent stitches with very little shading. It did not come as a kit and I can’t recall where I got either the pattern or the wool. At some point I was about to throw it out, but now I’m glad I haven’t, I might be able to put it to use yet! It’s obviously much more basic than what I do now, but a nice souvenir of times past nonetheless!

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